Tom Crossan, Site Director, DSM Schenectady Site

Tom has shown exceptional skills in mentoring and training the shop floor employees. He has a very approachable style that makes him an effective coach and trainer. This has particularly helped our behavioral based safety program and the participation of the employees.
Albert Gentile, Owner

Versatile Wood Fabrication

Tom Poquette of Safety First Training reviewed our current safety programs and conducted a site assessment. Tom provided a gap analysis and proposal on programs and training necessary to ensure our employees safety. Tom delivered site specific programs and training modules in a timely and easily understandable format for our employees. I would recommend Tom to any business that requires help with their safety programs.
Josh Brown, Environmental Technician

Fulton County Department of Solid Waste

We hired Tom at Safety First Training to assist us with writing up a Spill Prevention and Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) plan. Our Department didn’t have the experience or the time to write it up in house. Tom brought years of knowledge in the safety and health industry so we knew he was the person for the job. He was able to turn it around quickly and help us adhere to a strict deadline set by regulatory agencies. The end result was right on point with what was required and the cost was reasonable. The mapping and articulate details in the body of the document demonstrated his thoroughness and professionalism. I would recommend Safety First for any training or safety related guidance a workplace might require.

Sarah Jane Sanford Adult Home, Amsterdam NY

Thomas Poquette from Safety First Training conducted a safety inspection of our premises/business. He pointed out areas in need of attention, offered workshops and provided advice. I would recommend Tom for any industry/business especially if the company does not have a safety committee.
Dr. Kevin Cope

Fulmont Community Church

I highly recommend Tom Poquette from Safety First to you. He did a great job researching a land issue for us and all the regulations involved. He explained everything in easy to understand language, and presented our options to us. He is personable and made himself available for follow up. We will use him again with future building and land issues.

Recently, my employer had me attend an OSHA workshop with Thomas Poquette from Safety First Training regarding OSHA compliance. The workshop covered the definition and purpose of OSHA, our company requirements and the various OSHA forms. Tom taught me how to correctly fill out the forms and when they have to be submitted to OSHA. He also reviewed what OSHA defines as an accident and what information needs to be recorded and submitted. I found the training to be very informative, helpful and easy to understand.